Chakula Stock Dogs

Specializing in the Working Dog

Eagle, Idaho (208) 286-7997

An Asset on the Ranch

Nothing works like a well-trained, stock dog. Whether with cattle or sheep, a working dog handles the job with ease and efficiency. In the corral or on the range these dogs will work tirelessly and will enjoy every minute. They are born to the task.

But not any Border Collie or Aussie will do the job. It takes a keen eye to recognize the best and the brightest of breed, bringing years of heritage, intelligence and constitution to bear. The results are an intellligent, sound animal that not only learns quickly and stands up to the task at hand, but remains healthy during a long productive life.

These stock dogs are renowned for their breeding, talent and abilities. Call us and let us explain why these are among the best working dogs available.

Maxine Schvaneveldt, owner of Chakula Stock Dogs, has been raising and training Australian Shepherds and Border Collies for over 20 years. She and her dogs have won numerous awards and competitions both locally and nationally.

Maxine is also a qualified trial judge and has judged trials in the US, Sweden and Germany. In addition to judging, she holds training seminars in the finer points of handling top-notch working stock dogs.

Her kennels and base of operations are in Eagle, Idaho, just outside Boise.

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